How to dress the quiet luxury style

Luxury alpaca scarves

If there’s one style that’s been on everyone’s lips this season, it’s quiet luxury. Whilst the word ‘luxury’ and the thought of needing a whole new wardrobe might send us into a frenzy, quiet luxury is a mood. It’s a feeling over a fashion trend, and oh so easy to achieve.

What does quiet luxury mean?

Simply put, quiet luxury is a fancier way of saying ‘elevated basics’ (so says Vogue, and so says us!). For those who have a capsule wardrobe, you’re already on the right path - call it new-age minimalism.

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How to nail the quiet luxury aesthetic

Quiet luxury is about quality over quantity, and investing in tailored pieces that create balance and harmony in an outfit. Opt for pieces that are clean-cut with a clear colour palette - earth tones like neutrals, browns and olive shades are ideal for an elevated style.

For those who want to emulate quiet luxury, focus on simplicity and work towards a more refined, subdued aesthetic. Think pieces that are versatile enough to be worn in a variety of settings.

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Conscious consumerism and mindful purchases

Being mindful is an important part of quiet luxury; rather than chasing after fleeting trends, an elevated capsule style encourages wearers to be conscious of their consumer habits. It’s an intentional movement, which may mean investing in fewer pieces that will last for years over buying cheap fashion that will be disposed of as soon as the next thing comes along.

5 tips for achieving the quiet luxury look

Luxury alpaca scarves

Getting the ‘old money’ aesthetic doesn’t mean you have to go on a shopping spree for an entirely new look. So, where to start?

  1. Start with a capsule wardrobe. We’ve already spoken about investing in quality basics that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. By its very nature, a capsule wardrobe is mostly simplistic, with key pieces that are clean, classic, and not too outlandish. This is our base for building upon.

  2. Tailored clothing is a must for quiet luxury - besides, having clothes that fit properly is empowering! Whilst we love a baggy fit, you want your silhouette to exude elegance and not overwhelm the senses. That being said, pairing a classic trench with an oversized scarf (wink wink nudge nudge) is one way to expand on the quiet luxury style.

  3. Say no to the logo. It can be expected that quiet luxury brands will have their logo somewhere on their pieces, but we’re saying goodbye to flashy graphics and slogans taking centre stage across our clothing - a moment of silence for the juicy velour tracksuits we all wore in the 00s, please.

  4. Don’t be afraid of texture - layering different textures on top of each other can sometimes be maximalist, but if done right it can elevate any outfit to the next level. Not to brag, but wool - shout out to cashmere - is a wonderful material for looking luxe, whether you wear it as a sweater dress, cardigan, or a super soft scarf.

  5. Neutrals are a modern dresser’s best friend this year and work particularly well for mixing and matching. Colour blocking and monochromatic outfits are a big thumbs up for embodying quiet luxury. That being said we’re not eschewing colour completely - instead, opt for a brightly coloured beanie or handbag.

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Minimalist dressing

Minimalists of the world, we see you, we hear you. This is the style movement for you. Remember that quiet luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive. Honestly, as with any style, how you feel in your chosen style aesthetic is the most important thing. If you feel good, and elevated and confident, then the world will see that too.